Within the Leadership of Harvest Point Ministry, there is a very special burden for Africa. We are involved at various levels in Reaching, Training and Developing Local believers with the goal of using them to reach their own people for the Lord.

Christians in Africa are facing several underlying attacks. Animinism, communism and Islam are clashing with Christianity and building up walls against the spread of the gospel in numerous nations in the continent.

The battle is for the soul of the continent.  In the face of opposition and violence, Bible-believing churches are springing up at a staggering pace. As Africa moves towards becoming a continent with a Christian predominance, the challenge to the body of Christ is leadership training.


THE NEED                      
With a huge harvest of 360 million believers as of 2005, Africa NEEDS thousands of educated ministers.

Traditional Seminaries and Bible Colleges cannot cope with the training requirement of church leaders in Africa; where a large number of pastors are without formal theological education.

THE PLAN “Equipping locally on a global scale”

Our plan is to take the school of ministry to Africa and train 15,000 pastors within 10 years without relocating them from their well-adapted environment. Leadership training is best accomplished on the job. These ministers can stay with their family, in their local residence and with their church congregation while learning through the school of ministry.  This will enhance a learning atmosphere where theory meets with practice. They can learn as well as apply their acquired knowledge immediately.   Jesus Christ trained his disciples on the job.
The package is a complete multimedia school of ministry carefully put together for the training of pastors and church leaders to effectively:

  1. Evangelize to the lost
  2. Pastor the believers
  3. Make disciples
  4. Raise Leaders

This world- renowned curriculum of 160 courses is used by more than 10,000 churches/missionaries in over 80 nations.  It is taught by over 30 ordained men/women of God

Teaching Partners - As God leads us we will seek, establish and nurture relationships with Partners in Benin that will host us and facilitate the establishment of the school of ministry. Statelite Campus

Harvest Point Ministry embarked on its first mission as part of our God given mandate to reach Africa - through African Church Leaders in 2006. The Mission to Africa started with Benin as our major country of focus. Subsequently, other mission trips and have ben made to Benin. The direction to start the mission to Africa with Benin was divinely inspired. Information about Benin is available on two basic platforms. There is the general information about Benin which is available here. Benin is also a unique mission field for the Church.

Republic of Benin - School of Ministry Rural Area in

  • Port Novo
  • Cotonou
  • Ajawere

Church Congregation Adoption


  • ISOM Model Bible School : (Template Satelite Campus ) Rector - Pastor Seun Adeleke
  • Complete bible school in video
  • Schedule Campus Program
  • Gbagede Oba
    • - Film the Life of Christ in 32 Nigeria Language (Igbera, Idoma, Igede, Ijoko, Ijaw, Ebibio, Efik, Yoruba, Urobo